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Pay and Play Card Systems have saved numerous clubs thousands of dollars a year.
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San Diego Shotgun Sports in San Diego, California found they were losing 15% of their targets to shrinkage.
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Customer Testimonials


July 16, 2003

Golden West Industries
812 Meadows Ave
Canon City, CO 81212

Dear Mike:

I used to dread reporting our target usage each month at our Board of Directors meeting. We spent a year or more trying to identify the leading causes of our high rate of shrinkage. We use that term 'shrinkage' to identify the difference between targets that were paid for by shooters and actual targets used. We were unsuccessful in identifying the specific cause of our high rate of 'target shrinkage' but had a gut feel it was for unpaid rounds shot. In 2002 we decided to try out your Pay for Play system to solve our problem.

PROBLEM SOLVED I now look forward to reporting target usage at our monthly Board of Directors meeting. Some months I report that rather than 'shrinkage' we apparently grew some targets. Interesting to say the least.

Based on our results from using the Pay for Play card system, we have reduced our 'target shrinkage' from over 15% to under 2%.

Having used a ticket system for decades we anticipated a lot of grumbling about the new system from our members. Yes, a few did and we suspect the reason. However, our members overwhelmingly embraced the new system. No more lost tickets left in a clothing pocket and lost in the wash. No more lost tickets period. The card fits nicely in a wallet or purse and readily available to the shooter.

In addition the support we get from you and others at Golden West keeps our equipment up and running with little if any down time.

Thanks for helping us improve the process of enjoying the sport of clay target shooting.

Layne Kuhlman, Manager
SAN DIEGO Shotgun Sports






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