Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays
Pay and Play Card System

Pay and Play Card Systems have saved numerous clubs thousands of dollars a year.
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San Diego Shotgun Sports in San Diego, California found they were losing 15% of their targets to shrinkage.
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Calculate how much money you are loosing due to target loss with our target loss calculator!
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Due Matic Pay and Play Card System

Pay and Play Card System
Pay and Play Card System

Golden West Card
Moore N Moore Card
Moore N Moore Card
San Diego Shotgun Sports Card
Due Matic Card

Pay and Play Card System

Possibilities for you and your club:

Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays Ranges

Improves the earnings:
Shooters only gets targets they pay for.
Rapid return of investment.
Usable for one shooter or many.
Chip-card for your range will not operate on any other ranges system.
Preventing of use / misuse on lost cards.
Customer card history:
Latest events are visible.
Exactly consumption of targets helps estimating/purchasing.
Yearly statement rapidly and precisely.
Staff cost reductions:
No help required for individuals or groups.
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Saving your club money is simple:

1. Reduce your labor and insurance costs.
2. Improve your target profit to labor ratio.
3. Get paid for extra targets.
4. Lets you keep an accurate target count daily.
5. 5 Different pricing levels available.
6. 1 to 99 second delay for your single shooters.
7. Easily hooks up to all voice release systems.

Capture the full potential of your club's profits by installing the Pay and Play Card System now. The Pay and Play Card System will pay for itself and save you additional cash each month! You have everything to gain.

You can even put your clubs logo and advertisements on the cards.


The European designed system is based on a successful pre-pay debit card access box that began as a payment method in video arcades a decade ago. The Pay and Play SmartCard Reader System allows shooters to pay up front at the gun club for the amount of targets they intend to shoot. A digital display lets the shooter know not only how many targets have been shot, but also how much money has been spent. Pay and Play Card System eradicates the problem of extra target shooting that contributes to major financial losses at most gun clubs.

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